Unrise. A photo of a zig-zagging path in a mountain top, overlooking more mountains and a body of water. Credit Tourism Australia.

Beginning on Ground, we ask that the mountain carry us. Lift your gaze, leave behind ordinary life and test your resolve by joining this shared ascent of Mt Owen, who stands sentinel over Queenstown.

Let our foot falls unfold over time. Partake in this collective journey from the heart of Queenstown, one step after another weaving up the irregular, undulating bike trails to the ridgeline of Owen Spur. Introduce yourself to the stone-bodied mountain range and kiss the sky. We will be there to support you.

You’re invited to join 'We Are Here' at Ground before you commence Unrise.

Let’s collaborate with Country (place) for a dawn ceremony and a well wishing; beginning the festival with presence and an opportunity to form a deeper connection with this place.

For some, this is a preparation too. For our journey with the mountain, Unrise.

Several groups will form to hold us in this uphill migration … you may have been invited to meet at 7.15am, 8am or 8.45am. Come takara (walk) with Unrise.

This could mean there is a spacious pause between gathering on Ground and your ascent. Take this time to connect, sit by the fire, and prepare. We know the walk has already begun – when you stepped out your door and when you imagined yourself meeting this truwala (mountain). When the rocks in your computer assisted you in communicating interest. They sent a message from you to us through the copper web, signalling the moment your mineral body registered to attend. Now it’s time to meet in the flesh, around the stored sunlight energy of patrula (fire) on Ground. Let’s greet the day alongside one another.

The Unconformity acknowledges the palawa people as the original and traditional custodians of lutruwita/Tasmania. We commit to working respectfully to honour their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to this land.