A photo of two Golden Sunbird members washed with sparkly purple lights making it look like they are on a dance floor. The members stand back-to-back wear reflective clothing. Credit Gabrielle Eve.

In the distant reaches of the cosmos aboard the starship, Golden Sunbird, a unique crew of interstellar musicians formed the most unconventional rock band the universe had ever seen. Their music resonated not only with the ears but also with the very fabric of space itself.

Cosmic psych rock from outer space.

Strap in your seatbelts and prepare for a cosmic journey through space and time. Taking inspiration from Pink Floyd, Sun Ra, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Hawkwind, the Golden Sunbird starship has entered from a parallel dimension to bring you interstellar space rock jams filled with hypnotic guitar solos, whaling theremins and synth-soaked walls of sound.

Golden Sunbird creates soundscapes that explore the parallels between the unknowns of space and the depths of the human subconscious.
Let all sense of space and time drift away as Golden Sunbird teleports you through the cosmos.

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