A photo of three people in modern army camouflage walking up a gravel hill. Each person wears a helmet and carries a backpack with a tall antenna pointing straight up. Image Mark Direen.

Point & Shoot – Australian Veteran Photography Exhibition is the concept of Point Assist founder, Mark Direen, a former Infantry and Special Forces soldier with over 25 years military service including five overseas deployments.

Showcasing career imagery and accompanying stories from Australian veterans, Point & Shoot aims to create conversation, understanding and connection through increasing public awareness of the veteran experience.

Mark’s own experiences as a soldier were the impetus for this project. Operating in remote, high-threat environments is both physically and mentally demanding and it was behind the lens of a camera, capturing both the ordinary and extraordinary experiences as a combat soldier that he found stillness and meaning. Looking back at a plethora of images post service, he then began to wonder if others may do this too and so the concept began.

The purpose of this exhibition is not to display perfectly-captured photos from professional photographers but rather to share some of those moments frozen in time that those who serve our country thought were worth remembering.

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