A photo of Jenny Groves' work. The work is a painted canvas portrait of a person with pale skin, short grey hair, blue eyes and wide-framed glasses. The scene behind the person features bright greens framed by windows. Credit Sebastian Haquin.

Having lived for many years in First Nations communities in the Northern Territory, Jenny has been exploring her own reactions to this country through working with the landscape and her connection to environments that she finds herself in.

Jenny is deeply concerned about First Nations stories being compromised or lost over time and this is particularly apparent to her in lutruwita/Tasmania. In Arnhem Land, whenever she was out on country, she would be told the stories of the rocks and landscape features. Stories that had survived millennium and were still being told by the Anindilyakwa people of Groote Eylandt who were lucky enough to avoid negative contact, to some extent. In lutruwita/Tasmania, she sees features in the landscape that have stories connected to them but are now buried in deep time. These landscape features are the subjects of her work.

Jenny uses the organic and inorganic materiality of the landscape to construct images. The West Coast of lutruwita/Tasmania has allowed her to develop these methods because of the abundance of readily-available pigments scattered from mining residue and on the plains behind Trial Harbour, where pigments come to the surface readily as vehicles continue to hack their way into challenging areas.

The Unconformity acknowledges the palawa people as the original and traditional custodians of lutruwita/Tasmania. We commit to working respectfully to honour their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to this land.